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VIPSI 2009 - Belgrade
29/04/2009 by Viktor

Veljko Milutinović has organised another renaissance-style VIPSI conference; this time Jaszmina (my wife) and I met even more incredibly interesting people than usually. Martin Perl talked about his most recent research into Dark Energy, "which is certainly not dark and might not be energy at all". Michael Flynn showed how our future autonomous sensors and systems will be (low)powered, culminating in an artificial fruit fly. Yale Patt gave a presentation on the future microprocessors but really he was talking about thinking and education. Katsuhito Iwai discussed what will become of corporations as "human brains matter more than shareholders' money". Felix Hong examined the K-12 education in the light of picture-based vs. rule-based reasoning.
I have also presented a paper on understanding creativity; describing creativity through jokes, discussing the role of freedom and responsibility, and examining the various types of love, trying to understand what the Muse is.