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AoM 2009 - Chicago
16/08/2009 by Viktor
Poster presentation at AoM2009
End of last week and the first days of this week I attended the AoM annual meeting in Chicago, IL. There was a slightly lower attendance this year, with just over 8,000 participants. It was busy for me this time again, even though we did not submit as many papers as last year. I a presented poster paper on "Knowledge Levels: 3-D Model of the Levels of Expertise" in this paper we introduce a conceptual model of knowledge levels and describe the characteristics of knowledge at the various levels.
I chaired a paper session "Knowledge, Expertise, Creativity and Innovation: Knowledge Related Processes"; the four papers of the session examined various aspects of creativity and how expertise can be successfully utilised in teamwork. I participated a caucus "Intuition in Organizations", which is the first step of establishing a formal presence within AoM for people researching intuition. I also received an outstanding reviewer award from the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division.