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AoM 2010 - Montréal
19/08/2010 by Viktor
Macbeth and the Three Witches This year we had a few busy days at AoM conference in Montréal, QE. On Saturday we (with Zoltán and Jolán) ran a two-hour workshop called "Shakespeare's Witches". This title covers a drama-based approach to education of executives and executive coaches. The introduction of our conceptual framework was followed by a discussion during which we also showed a sample workbook that we use with our students.
I presented a paper on "Understanding Intuitive Knowledge" co-authored with Fran; as it was only Eric Dane and me presenting we had chance for somewhat longer and very good discussion.
Apart from these two main events I also participated in a caucus on "Intuition in Organizations", facilitated a division round table paper session "The role of cognition in team performance", and received another outstanding reviewer award from the MOC division.