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Site news -> OLKC 2008
6/05/2008 by Viktor
Copenhagen, Denmark
Last week we participated the conference Organizational Learning Knowledge and Capabilities in Copenhagen, Denmark. On Tuesday I presented a paper on multi-potential view of cognition; the presentation was followed by lively discussion. I was honoured to receive comments from Hari Tsoukas; he suggested that we should keep the philosophy on sidelines and be more analytical in our discussion - needless to say that he is right. Hari delivered a keynote speech titled "Inside the Black Box of Knowledge Creation in Organizations: A Dialogical Approach", in which he examined how (and under which conditions) communication of experts leads to creation of new knowledge.

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Site news -> MBA ranking
29/01/2008 by Viktor
  I usually put here messages about the conferences we participate. However, this time it is a Strathclyde Business School news I want to share: as yesterday published, according Global MBA Ranking 2008 by Financial Times, SBS is the 30th best in the world and the 13th best in Europe.

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Site news -> VIPSI 2007 Slovenia
16/10/2007 by Viktor
Bled, Slovenia
Last week I attended another VIPSI conference, this time in Bled, Slovenia. We have reviewed our nearly two decades experience with Doctus in our paper and outlined the future direction. In the next two days we had numerous interesting discussions about the role of computers in decision taking and other areas. I have found particularly interesting what Chris Csíkszentmihályi is doing with his research group on Computing Culture.

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Site news -> BAM 2007 - Warwick
21/09/2007 by Viktor
  We have participated on the BAM 2007 conference last week at the Warwick Business School, Coventry. We presented a developmental paper on the systems approach in coaching in the Knowledge and Learning track. Our presentation was followed by a lively discussion from which we have also got a few interesting suggestions how to take our ideas further.

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Site news -> AoM 2007 - Philadelphia
14/08/2007 by Viktor
AoM 2007
We attended the AOM 2007 last week. On Tuesday we participated in an interactive paper session with a paper on business creativity adopting an evolutionary approach. The full paper is available for download from the conference website. The most significant experience was to hear Henry Mintzberg talking 3 times.

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