Viktor Dörfler
Fit for Innovation

Year: 2010
Publisher: Kogan Page
Book Title: The Innovation Handbook: How to Develop, Manage and Protect Your Most Profitable Ideas
Editor: Adam Jolly
Place: London, UK
Pages: 150-153
ISBN: 978 0 7494 5687 0

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Skype innovated the field of communication and was acquired by eBay for nearly $4 billion in total. It profited from its innovativeness. Yet there are companies that reject any kinds of change but also seem to be doing well. How are both possible? Being innovative is often seen by default as a guarantee for business success. Usually we ask only how we can be more innovative rather than whether we should be innovative in the first place. This chapter considers the latter question by applying the idea of evolution to organizations. As will be shown, though, evolution of organizations is not exactly Darwinian.