Jolán Velencei - Zoltán Baracskai - Viktor Dörfler
Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge Restaurants

Year: 2009
Publisher: Infota
Book Title: The Capital of Intelligence – the Intelligence of Capital
Editor: Erzsébet Noszkay
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Pages: 203-221
ISBN: 978 963 87788 2 6

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In the present paper we examine the different ways of knowledge sharing in the contemporary business environment. In order to do this, we need to divorce R from D in R&D. For the purpose of this paper we distinguish four types of knowledge and correspondingly we introduce four metaphors of knowledge sharing: the four knowledge restaurants. In buffets ready-made knowledge is offered for self-service; there are restaurants in which the knowledge broker fulfils the role of the waiter offering a la cart menus; in some very expensive restaurants we can try what is recommended by the chef; finally, we sometimes make our own coffee in the coffee room and, obviously, have a chat along.