Viktor Dörfler - Colin Eden
Research on Intuition using Intuition

Year: 2014
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishers
Book Title: Handbook Of Research Methods On Intuition
Editor: Marta Sinclair
Place: Cheltenham, UK
Pages: 264-276
ISBN: 978 0 85793 465 9

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Intuition is accepted in the case of practicing managers as well as scientists. Why it is not accepted then in the case of scholars who are studying the intuition of those managers and scientists? In this chapter we offer some tentative answers, with the aim of being thought-provoking. Drawing on our research into the cognitive complexity of Nobel Laureates, we introduce a method that explicitly acknowledges rather than denies the role of intuition. This method emerged as we started to experiment with making sense of our rich data obtained from 19 unstructured in-depth interviews.