Marc Stierand - Viktor Dörfler
Researching Intuition in Personal Creativity

Year: 2014
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishers
Book Title: Handbook Of Research Methods On Intuition
Editor: Marta Sinclair
Place: Cheltenham, UK
Pages: 249-263
ISBN: 978 0 85793 465 9

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This chapter introduces Insider Explanatory Phenomenology (IEP) as viable approach to researching intuition in personal creativity. Drawing on a study elucidating experiences of personal creativity, the key contribution is to make explicit why IEP is particularly suitable for investigating context-dependent cognitive and nebulous phenomena such as intuition. IEP is distinct from such approaches like participant observation or ethnography more generally since it does not depend on cultivating personal relationships with research participants as a means of learning but rather starts from a relationship of shared inherited (occupational) background which allows the investigators to immediately enter in-depth expert-level discourse.