Zoltán Baracskai - Jolán Velencei - Viktor Dörfler - Jaszmina Szendrey
Designing a ‘Strategic Partner’ School
(Paper Presentation)

Conference: IABE 2011 - Las Vegas
Presenter: Viktor Dörfler
Date: 16-18 October, 2011
Place: Las Vegas, NV

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It is the fourth time that we create a new management school. Every time it was different and every time we have learned a lot from the process of curriculum design in harmony with the voice of the times. In this paper we outline the process of curriculum design through our latest experience in creating the Strategic Partner School in Hungary. Although there are important characteristics of the Middle-East European market for post-experiential business education taken into consideration, the meta-level of the process, i.e. how to identify the relevant characteristics, can be applicable well beyond the area in which this study originated. Naturally, our way is not the only right way of curriculum design but our aim with this study is to stimulate thinking and discussion rather than selling a recipe.