Zoltán Baracskai - Viktor Dörfler - Jolán Velencei
Knowledge Restaurants at the End of the Paradigm
(Plenary Presentation)

Conference: VIPSI 2007 Tokyo
Presenter: Viktor Dörfler (plenary chair)
Date: 31 May - 3 June 2007
Place: Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan
ISBN: 86-7466-117-3

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The e-era is obsolete. It is time for a step forward, to the f-era. In this new era the Kuhnian conception of paradigm should be replaced by the new f-paradigm; the e-knowledge-sharing should be replaced by f-knowledge-sharing . In all these «f» stands for «free». In many languages the need for knowledge is expressed by the words of thirst or hunger. This gave us the idea to use metaphors of restaurants to the different types of f-knowledge-sharing; we distinguish four types: the ‘buffet’-type, the ‘à la carte’-type, the ‘recommended by the chef’-type, and the ‘coffee-room’-type knowledge sharing.