Marc Stierand - Viktor Dörfler
Revising the Notion of Sample Representativeness
(Developmental Paper)

Conference: BAM 2011
Theme: Building and Sustaining High Performance Organisations in a Challenging Environment
Presenter: Viktor Dörfler
Date: 13-15 September, 2011
Place: Aston University, Birmingham, UK

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In this developmental paper we discuss the idea of revising the notion of sample representa-tiveness. In reporting first on the notion itself, the paper examines why, when we are interested in a phenomenon in research concerned with the human mind, the conventional sampling techniques provide us with a sample that is more representative of the population than of the phenomenon under investigation. In addition the paper presents the extraordinary as an individual that is by definition representative of the phenomenon. Finally the paper explores implications for management research and provides further context in which focusing on the extraordinary may be beneficial.