Igor Pyrko - Viktor Dörfler
SODA in qualitative research: Using cognitive mapping for analysing semi-structured interviews
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Conference: BAM 2014
Theme: The Role of the Business School in Supporting Economic and Social Development
Presenter: Igor Pyrko
Date: 9-11 September 2014
Place: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

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We present the journey of one of the authors throughout his learning of SODA-style cognitive mapping for analysing semi-structured interviews. Our aim is to share the ‘lessons learned’ with the academic community interested in finding a suitable tool for formalised analysis of rich qualitative data. The technical side of cognitive mapping is emphasised focusing on the analytical capabilities of this approach rather than simply on drawing the initial cognitive maps. The purpose of the project is twofold: on the one hand we want to make this research method more accessible to those who may need it; on the other hand we want to put an end on some popular misconceptions about cognitive mapping being a simple (less often simplistic) but not very effective tool. We support our argument by drawing from the relevant literature and from the maps coming from empirical research conducted in the context of the NHS Scotland.