Viktor Dörfler - Fran Ackermann
Understanding Intuitive Knowledge
(Divisional Paper Presentation)

Conference: AoM 2010
Theme: Dare to Care: Passion & Compassion in Management Practice & Research
Presenter: Viktor Dörfler
Date: 6-10 August 2010
Place: Montréal, QE

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The purpose of this paper is to improve our understanding of intuition of individuals in an or-ganisational setting. To achieve this, we draw on a wide range of literature which we synthesise to provide a coherent view of intuition. From reviewing the literature on intuition we identify characteristics that appear to be commonly accepted and, based on these characteristics we propose that there are two kinds of intuition – intuitive judgment and intuitive insight. We add Polanyi’s conceptualisation of focal and subsidiary awareness to the two kinds of intuition and, by doing so, we describe the structure of intuition. Finally we try to make use of our improved understanding of intuition through re-examining the question of how intuition can be improved.