Jolán Velencei - Zoltán Baracskai - Viktor Dörfler - Marc Stierand
Supporting the Competent Practitioner Trans-disciplinary Coaching with a Knowledge-Based Expert System

Year: 2016
Journal: International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration
Volume: 2
Number: 12
Pages: 20-27
ISSN: 1849-5419 (online version: 1849-5664)

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the roles of the coach and the coachee from the perspective of their respective competences and a particular type of the coaching process that we call ‘competent coaching’. We also show how this process can be supported with a knowledge-based expert system (KBS); to illustrate this, we introduce a particular knowledge-based expert system shell, Doctus, that can assist the coaching process. We also offer a set of concepts, organised into a conceptual framework, in order to help both coach and coachee to (re-)shape the coaching process and thus achieve greater contextual sensitivity. Our contribution is a multi-personal account, rooted in some 100 years of combined coaching experience and around four decades of researching and teaching coaching to business school students at the undergraduate, MBA and doctoral level, including executive education.