Zoltán Baracskai - Viktor Dörfler - Jolán Velencei
Shakespeare's Witches: Drama-based Executive Coaching

Conference: AoM 2010
Theme: Dare to Care: Passion & Compassion in Management Practice & Research
Year: 2010
Moderator: Viktor Dörfler
Date: 6-10 August 2010
Place: Montréal, QE

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For nearly two decades we have been trying to find appropriate ways to support the executive decision taker and spent most of both our academic research and our consultancy on this issue. We developed a conceptual framework and some practices for coaching and a software tool for knowledge engineering. We have accumulated substantial experience in supporting the executives and we understand them better today.

With this workshop we invite the audience to explore the conflict situations the executives face. First we introduce a conceptual framework that explains how we see the corporations, the shareholders and the chaos of the organization. By chaos we mean the reality of the organization beyond that tiny deterministic part. In chaos an infinitesimal change on the input may result in a completely different output. We see two kinds of executives: the action hero that lives in the deterministic world and the drama hero, whose domain is the chaos. We use dramas to depict conflict situations and thoughts of the greatest business thinkers to interpret them. The dramas over-emphasize the characters thus make the conflict situation more obvious. These are not our real business situations, so we will feel no, but they are also not some hypothetical case studies, they are sufficiently near to our experience so that we can relate to it. Most importantly, the essence of the dramas is the catharsis, in which the executives realize: “this happened to me” or “this could have happened to me” or “this can happen to me tomorrow”.