Zoltán Baracskai - Viktor Dörfler - András Kis-Dózsai - Jolán Velencei
Supporting the Decision Taker: by Coaching and Expert System

Conference: AoM 2008
Theme: The Questions We Ask
Year: 2008
Moderator: Viktor Dörfler
Date: 8-13 August 2008
Place: Anaheim, CA

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For nearly two decades we have been trying to find appropriate ways to support the business decision taker and spent most of our academic research and consultancy time on the issue, as well. With this workshop we would like to invite the audience to explore by asking relevant questions about the appropriate mode of support for managerial decisions based on various situations, decision styles and thinking processes. Our bottom line is a knowledge model, according to which we distinguish between knowledge of facts, skills, and intuition. Each of these knowledge types has a focal and a subsidiary part; making altogether six knowledge types. Each knowledge type requires different kind of support and each decision requires different blend of knowledge types. Our aim is to show the audience how to distinguish between the knowledge types and help them to recognize the required blend for the particular decision. Based on this, the audience should be able finding adequate questions regarding their decision, based on which they can seek appropriate ways of supporting the decision taker. The workshop starts with outlining our knowledge model. After this we will very briefly introduces two kinds of support, namely executive coaching, as we view it, and expert systems. The audience is then invited to ask for clarification of these ways of support as well as to discuss their chosen decision. The intended outcome of the workshop is a clearer understanding of the knowledge of the decision taker and hands-on experience in asking the appropriate questions.