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I am a senior lecturer at the Management Science Department of the Strathclyde Business School and the director of the Management Development Programme. I gained masters degrees in Mathematical Engineering, International Business Relations, Engineering Education and an MBA from Hungarian universities. I hold a PhD from Strathclyde University. Before joining the department, I worked as a university lecturer in Budapest, Hungary, and I also worked as an independent software development consultant.

My research is focused on two interrelated areas: the first covers modelling of personal knowledge and knowledge increase in organizational context; the second covers knowledge-based expert systems, in particular Doctus KBS, and related intelligent applications, such as intelligent corporate portals and e-learning systems. My most recent research includes modelling levels of personal knowledge and the design of ‘f-learning’, a new approach to teaching and learning marked by freedom in the post-e-era.

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Country:United Kingdom
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Courses:Thesis, Technology Quality Framework, Enterprise & Entrepreneursip, Grandmaster project, Doctus KBS, Doctus Intelligent Portal, Knowledge Management, Introduction to Business Technology, Management Development Programme 2, Management Development Programme 1, Filozofija istraživanja, Strategy & Communication, Filozofija Istraživanja 2010, InformationManagement (MBA)